First BlueWorxx meet-up at Walas Concepts Hamburg!

World of Walas is excited to support the evolution and growth of BlueWorxx into a multi-national platform for accessing innovations of the future of sustainable urban development. On March 21st, 2018, the first BlueWorxx meet up took place in the World of Walas office of Hamburg, Germany.

The goals of the afternoon were to explore smart combinations between companies, their products and models, and to elaborate on more holistic solutions for the exponential improvements cities require. The Walas BlueWorxx team invited a select group of companies from the IoT sector to discuss the use of big data for societal improvements and the ways to address the current fast digitization process for sustainable development.

The presentation included insights to current Walas projects in this field in Germany and through international collaborations. The innovative companies then had the chance to present their products, models, and solutions. A special contribution was given by BlueWorxx partner, Dynacrowd, who emphasized a shift of mindset in the IoT sector to use technology to grasp the complexities of cities and the need for a joint effort to deliver adequate solutions to communities. Thanks to the interactive format and the informal atmosphere, the event offered several opportunities for lively discussions and networking.