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Our historic locations are filled with personality and atmosphere. Spacious rooms and great lighting make them ideal for film, photography and events. These spaces are sought out by creatives and business people alike, to meet their business needs for short term space rental. These spaces are still available following COVID safety recommendations, with additional precautions in place to keep our teams and guests safe.

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Spinnerij Oosterveld

Spinnerij Oosterveld

Enschede, The Netherlands

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Carbon6 Gallery

Room B401

43m2 max 12 people

Room B407

43m2 max 12 people

Cantine Carbon6

200m2 max 100 people

Cho Pain

17m2 max 4 people

Classrooms (4x)

80m2 max 16 people

Room H002

17m2 max 4 people

Room H003

125m2 max 30 people

Room M203 – Yoga Room

70m2 max 16 people

Parkstad Pavillion (inside)

130m2 max 80 people

Parkstad Pavillion (outside)

200m2 max 100 people

Sparkcity Lounge

100m2 max 30 people

Room V011 – Dance Studio

100m2 max 20 people

Spinnerij Gallery

Room 2.02

Max 40 people

Room 2.03

Max 120 people

Room 2.09

Max 140 people

Board Room

Max 20 people

Entry Hall

Phoenix West Gallery



More Coming Soon!

*Current capacity may be less due to covid restrictions