Building Community with Green Walls at the Spinnerij

Farm2Future, a World of Walas company, focuses on integrated solutions and systems for fresh and healthy food in cities. Zilal, our colleague, works with Farm2Future at the Spinnerij Oosterveld. She collaborated with her colleagues at the Spinnerij to develop a heart-warming project that will improve the air and create a beautiful little green space. The “Green Wall” is located in room 1.28, close to her laboratory where she works on urban farming solutions including bi-pesicides and

In the past few weeks, Zilal and the team have worked on setting up the Green Wall. Everyone contributed to the result in his or her own way; a real team effort!

The Green Wall consists of a total of 112 recycled plastic bottles filled with herbs and plants such as mint, thyme, strawberries, basil, parsley, lettuce and peppers. During the day, the wall is illuminated by lighting that has specifically been developed for the growth of the plants. In addition, a smart system is being installed so that the plants automatically receive water.

Besides the production of food and the improvement of the indoor climate, the system, made by Zilal, also looks great and we are very proud of it. If you’re visiting the Spinnerij, we invite you to take a look at our Green Wall!