Carbon6 Open Day

Carbon6 Open Day Overview

On Sunday 23 June an open day was hosted by Carbon6. The former CBS building was opened to visitors for the 7th time. Once again, this year there was a variety of activities for young and old!

The open day takes place inside and around Carbon6. The Dutch Mining Museum also opened its doors again. XCBS, the creative cluster in Carbon6, organized a large art and craft market there and also had its own studio doors open. Everything from glass processing to visual art was represented.

Music was provided by Popschool Parkstad in collaboration with Mc Jeff studio. In addition, there was also theater, puppet theater, Fantasy actors and a storyteller.

In the courtyard there was plenty of choice for a snack and drink in collaboration with Chopain, La Bottega Heerlen, CultBier Foundation, the Buurderij, Poffertjes, Ice cream shop Bosch and TD saté.

Outside in the courtyard was a sporting setup led by Gert-Jan Bruinsma and in the M-wing a mini wellness information corner. In the garden, short yoga sessions together with Cascade Yoga and Thai-Chi demonstrations.

In the canteen was an exhibition of COLLAZJE kids and an exciting exhibition of pastel drawings by the students of Genevieve Lumey in the Parkstad Pavilion. On the first 1st floor in the Z-core we had the model railway of the Miljoenenlijntje.


Jun 23 2019


Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen
The Netherlands
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