Carbon6 Pitching Event

Pitch & Proost at our Carbon6 project

Sharing ideas and celebrating the start of the new year

Carbon6 kicked off the new year by hosting their first ‘Pitch and Proost’ event, as part of the Walas international pitch series. This involved, tenants from the Carbon6 project pitched their businesses to attendees, followed with a Q&A session and feedback. The atmosphere was casual and focused, with strong, well articulated pitches and a great response from the participants and audience.

“We create opportunities for our project communities to come together, learn from each other and build their businesses.”

Founder and CEO of Walas, Gerben van Straaten

Walas international pitch series

Events like these give our communities the opportunity to learn from industry experts and each other. Topics include business development, strategy, expansion and financing. Exchange with entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders and potential customers helps refine business ideas and increase confidence. Events are typically attended by other entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and government representatives. 

Our next pitch night event will be held at the Spinnerij, in Enschede the Netherlands. Watch a short clip of an earlier event: Dudoc’s ‘Martketplace for Disruptive Ideas in Urban Sustainability’ Pitch night in Vancouver!

Walas locations

Carbon 6 and the Spinnerij are World of Walas projects. Together, they host over 600 small and medium size entrepreneurial companies with a combined space of almost 100,000 sq m.  They have both been developed using the Walas approach. This allows us to implement business models that don’t work in traditional developments, for strong returns while improving socio-economic, environmental and financial performance.

Get involved!

If you are an innovator, industry expert, venture capitalist or just interested in learning more about how to grow your own business, join us for one of our events in Vancouver, Canada,

For more information on this or other Walas projects, contact us at or visit us on location.