Comedy event in the Schalthaus at Walas PHOENIX West Dortmund

RuhrHOCHdeutsch in the Schalthaus

The Schalthaus at the Walas Phoenix West location is hosting a large comedy event called RuhrHOCHdeutsch. RuhrHOCHdeutsch have managed to come up with creative solutions in order to make the shows they had planned happen. Collaborating with city leaders, health authorities and the fire department, the team of Fletch Bizzel managed to make the RuhrHOCHdeutsch comedy event a reality. Of course at World of Walas we were happy to support such a great effort and therefore gladly made the Schalthaus available.

The comedy events run from June 17th until October 11th and are a great opportunity to go out for a fun event while social distancing. Currently it is attracting people from as far as 200 kilometres away. The program includes many different shows such as: whimsical stories from the Ruhr area while enjoying a five-course menu, comedians taking you with them in a sentimental story about Germany, talks with a humorous look at everyday situations and much more.

COVID-19 precautions

With current events surrounding COVID-19 all kinds of creative solutions and adaptations are necessary. Companies worldwide are trying to find new ways to be able to continue their work. For the entertainment industry this is no different. How can you let people enjoy shows while social distancing? How can you ensure the safety of the people attending as well as working there? For some events this means finding the right place where there is more than enough space to make it possible. Luckily, such a space can be found at Walas Phoenix West.

Events at Walas Phoenix West

RuhrHOCHdeutsch is one of the many great events that get hosted at Phoenix West regularly. Other events include a drive-in cinema, the Skywalk tours around the Phoenix-West site and not too long ago the TU Dortmund University visited the switch house and blast furnace complex. The comedy event in the Schalthaus is the most recent event and many more are being planned. With its industrial sites and unique history, Phoenix West is the perfect location for a wide range of events and gatherings.

What is the Schalthaus?

The Schalthaus (or control centre) is the main building of the Phoenix West site. A 26 meter high steel bridge connects the Schalthaus hall with the old steel factory and can bring you to a 100 meter panoramic viewpoint. From here you can enjoy the industrial heritage of Phoenix West and look over the beautiful skyline of Dortmund. The Schalthaus is a great spot for organizing events at it is very spacious. Many plans are in development for its reactivation to do this impressive part of Phoenix West justice.