Creative talent in the Spinnerij

A promotional video made by tenant Talentfabriek 053 in Spinnerij Oosterveld

At World of Walas we love technology, innovation, art and creativity and you can find it all in the Spinnerij community. The distinctive dance school of Sabina Mehic is a great example of this and is called Talentfabriek 053. Last year, the Talentfabriek (or “Talent factory”) became a new tenant at the Spinnerij where they have grown into a unique dance school where young and old can go for lessons on street dance and hip hop.

Together with the Enschede-based company New Imaging Co. Talentfabriek made a promotional video, which you can find below. The video was recorded at the Spinnerij and shows a fine example of talent and creativity. In the shots you can discover various places in the building, such as the industrial “takelruimte” and our roof with the solar panels. We are very impressed with this great video and are happy to share it!

Talentfabriek 053

A place for everyone where you can be free and have fun. You can find that in room 1.11 of Talentfabriek 053. Sabina Mehic teaches a number of different groups, varying in age. For example, she teaches the little ones from the age of 4, but she also has a 40+ group where people dance to real “old school” music. Sabina distinguishes itself with her dance school through its personal approach. Being able to express your talent and feeling free while doing so is something she teaches her students during the lessons.

The accommodation in the Spinnerij offers dance talents the opportunity to practice their art in an inspiring and matching industrial environment. Whoever walks through the corridors in the evenings and on weekends quickly recognizes the swinging music and the enthusiastic atmosphere that come from room 1.11. The Talentfabriek is a valuable and energetic addition to the Spinnerij and of course we hope that they will be a part of our community for a long time to come!