Drive-in cinema at Walas Phoenix-West Dortmund

Drive-in event at our Hochofen location

An event at the Hochofen in Walas Phoenix West, drew the attention of the people in the Rurh area. Specializing in offering cultural events with a twist, the team of Neovaude organized a drive-in cinema at the Hochofen in Phoenix West. The site has been turned into an ‘Autokino’ where people can drive their car onto the terrain to watch a movie. It is a great form of entertainment for the local community while keeping a safe distance.

Visitors can enjoy both new movies and old classics at the drive-in cinema. Movies such as the Joker, Forrest Gump, Into the Wild, The Gentleman and Rocketman are just a few examples of the extensive range the Autokino has to offer. Tickets can be bought online and at the location the staff will scan your ticket through the car window. It is also possible to book a special “Kino-menu” with nachos, popcorn, drinks and a goodie bag to take home. Cars can park in front of an immense cinema-screen and tune in on their FM-radio to receive the sound.

Around the world, everyday life has changed significantly because of COVID-19. People, communities and organizations everywhere have to collaborate to find a new way of living where social distancing is the norm. Some companies were forced to temporarily close their doors, others came up with creative solutions. The many initiatives that popped up in cities and neighbourhoods all around the world are truly remarkable to see.

Events at Walas Phoenix West

The film screenings are very popular in the region of Dortmund and are often sold out. With this, the Autokino is one of the many successful events that are hosted at Phoenix West. Other events include the Skywalk tours around the Phoenix-West site that are being held regularly and not too long ago the TU Dortmund University visited the switch house and blast furnace complex. In the near future a comedy event will be held in the Schalthaus and there are many more events being planned. With its industrial sites and unique history, Phoenix West is the perfect location for a wide range of events and gatherings.

What is the Hochofen?

The blast furnace in Phoenix West, also known as the ‘Hochofen’, is a remnant of the former steel industry that is a big part of the history of this area. The blast furnace stands in the centre of the Phoenix West area as an imposing industrial monument. It is one of the reasons the Skywalk tours have become very popular, as it is an impressive sight to behold. It is an awe-inspiring location that emphasises the contrast between industrial heritage and our modern world.