Dudoc: Marketplace for Disruptive Ideas in Urban Sustainability

Showcasing sustainable innovations and pitching solutions to urban challenges

What is Dudoc?

Dudoc Vancouver was founded by Gerben van Straaten in 2008. Dudoc is a local hub for global sustainability and helps bring sustainable innovations to the North American market. We offer an industrial showroom, for events and other community building. We also help connect innovations, industry and decision makers to promote access and adoption of innovations and technologies.  

Sustainable innovations, urban challenges and networking

In August 2019, Dudoc Vancouver, a Walas Innovation Centre hosted their first Marketplace for Disruptive Ideas in Urban Sustainability. This event showcased sustainable market innovations that are interesting to our network of influencers. Innovative start-ups, small and medium sized companies pitched their solutions to urban challenges. Other entrepreneurs, industry experts, decision makers and investors attended and offered their expertise. The evening also included time to network, spend one-on-one time with the innovators and explore other business opportunities.

Dudoc selected seven market ready innovations in mobility, tech, construction, energy and urban food systems to present. These innovators were invited to present their solution, with the opportunity to receive questions and constructive feedback on their business. The audience selected a winner for the evening. The winner received a 3-month Dudoc membership and support from our local team for business development.

Please contact us at contact@teamwalas.com to pitch or attend our next event at any of our Innovation Centers