Farm2Future at Spinnerij Oosterveld

The world population is expected to increase by more than 25% by 2050 and people continue to migrate to urban areas. This requires new systems, new production techniques and new ways of thinking about food production. Farm2Future offers integrated solution to some of the most pressing challenges modern cities face in food security. We develop powerful, locally deployable tools that can produce food on smaller and alternative areas, and protect crops with less environmental impact. Our solutions include stand alone, closed systems for food production, integrated pest management and new innovations in bio-materials.

Our team in the Farm2Future laboratory is working hard on smart solutions with a custom system for IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Our system protects plants and crops from both farms and greenhouses against attacks by insects, fungi and weeds. The pest management through the IPM system is always done in an organic way. The team is therefore working hard to make the transition from non-organic farms to organic farms

The Walas Farm2Future laboratory is also working on the production of EPF (Entomo Pathologenic Fungi). These are natural fighters that can be used for the protection of plants and crops. These natural combatants can be used with the IPM System. Farm2Future also offers consults, workshops (training for farmers) and education for agricultural students.