Financial models for sustainable cities

On Thursday, June 14th, World of Walas presented on innovative models for financing sustainable and innovative solutions at the Global Electrification Spring Conference. The conference is hosted by CleanEnergyBC in Vancouver, Canada. Over 100 decision makers and professionals from the energy sector, government, municipalities and urban development from across Canada attended our presentation.

Over 400,000 people a day migrate to cities. However, the need to urbanize to accommodate the growth of cities has been unsustainable. Since 2015, our consumption of natural resources has been as much as the planet can sustainably provide. By 2035, it is estimated that we will be consuming 2 planets worth of resources.

As a solution, Gerben van Straaten, CEO of World of Walas, presented on innovative models for financing sustainable practices. He focused on how collaborations between business sectors, government, academics and communities can improve the financial, environmental and social performance of cities through smart combinations of innovative solutions.

Gerben provided the example of World of Walas’ recent work of CarbonBlue, a solar parkade to be completed by July 2018. It will generate 900,000kWh of energy, capture rainwater, clean the surrounding air and water, create jobs and provide a green retreat for the community. By utilizing a smart combination of innovative partners in The Netherlands, Germany, Nigeria, Austria and Canada, Walas was able to provide all these amenities with a 6-year Return on Investment.

Gerben highlighted our recent strategic partnership with Resilience Brokers and the implementation of their CHEER model, an integrated Earth-Human system modeling platform for cities. With Resilience Brokers, Walas will target 200 city regions in the next 5 years and 70% of the world’s city regions by 2030 for integrating sustainable solutions for cities.

Walas strives to provide access to these smart combinations, through BlueWorxx, our international platform for sustainable practices, products and partners, Dudoc Vancouver, our Canadian centre for accessing European innovations, and other Dudocs coming soon. In addition, we were excited to share the vision and model for financing and achieving the sustainable cities of the future through smart combinations, and we look forward to continuing to provide this expertise to the international community and market.