Gerben van Straaten speaks at Clean Energy BC Summit

‘Climate change is disruptive. We can all agree on that. But there is a path forward where we can rise above the disruptions: electrification’. This was the focus of Clean Energy Association of BC (CEBC) as they hosted their first ever Global Electrification Summit  on June 14, 2018 in Vancouver, BC.

BC’s brand is “supernatural” and associated with a clean, green environment. BC’s heritage hydro and the 120 small hydro, wind, solar, biogas and biomass projects in every region of the province already provide the province with one of the greenest, lowest-cost electricity systems in the world.

The theme of the conference was ‘Global Electrification Now = Low Carbon Future’.

With talks ranging from Batteries and Energy to Electric Buses and Heat Pumps used successfully by the Heiltsuk Nation, it was a productive and insightful day of sharing ideas.

World of Walas founder and CEO, Gerben van Straaten, presented a keynote at the Summit, sharing his specific insights on sustainable and innovative financial models. He gave a brief overview of several World of Walas projects, including some of our innovative financial models  This is the approach used to successfully develop projects with little or no government support where no one else had been able to succeed.

As Gerben put it – ‘We must work together to build solutions for the global challenges we face. In the Netherlands, it is not enough to build a dyke in front of your own house. If we do not collaborate, we will not survive.’

-Team Walas

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