Inspiratie 50+ at Spinnerij Oosterveld

Spinnerij Oosterveld is a Walas project located in Enschede, Holland. A reclaimed spinning factory, it is now an emerging hotbed of innovative and accomplished entrepreneurs focused on high tech, marketing, and support services. The historical DNA of the building has been preserved, with ongoing improvements to its environmental, financial and social impact. Part of the social improvements has included adding a social event space for tenants and others. This beautiful space is used to host community building events, including parties, meetings and inspirational networking.

On January 17, the Spinnerij was happy to host a special inspirational networking event. It was organized by Werkplein Twente, a local partnership between various cities in Twente and the national Employee Insurance Agency to address re-employment of locals over the age of 50. The event was very successful with over 300 locals attending for an afternoon of networking, inspiring talks and action planning.

Diverse workshops offered the attendees tips and inspiration for finding a new path back in to the workforce. The regional manager of Werkplein acknowledged the concerns and challenges face by many when finding new work. He ensured them that hard work will pay off: “people find jobs every week”.

Dutch soccer legend, John de Wolf, shared his own inspiring story about his search for new work after retiring from soccer. Bringing his own tenacity and attitude to the session, his advice to face change, take chances and network brought the same energy to the group that made him famous on the field.

Spinnerij Oosterveld was proud to facilitate this afternoon for Werkplein Twente. The cause lies close to Walas’ concept of EcoGrowth and our commitment to social community involvement. For more information on the Spinnerij and other Walas projects, news and events, please visit our website. (