Offsetting carbon for air travel

Protection of rain forest

Work with Nature protects the rain forest of Costa Rica. The rain forest in Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and special places on earth with a high biodiversity existing of plants and animals. These are essential to maintain in order to ensure healthy current and future generations. We make sure that this can happen by means of acquiring rain forest ourselves. This land is directly registered under the nature conservation law of Costa Rica, which ensures it’s protection against commercial exploitation indefinitely.

The Work with Nature reserve is now 100 hectares of protected rainforest! They are working to protect enough of the forest that the sloth and different species of monkeys can return.

World of Walas is proud to support these ambitions, and mindful that air travel is a requirement for some of our work. We are helping to develop a program that compensates for CO2 from air travel. Approximately 50 m2 of rain forest can be purchased and managed for each flight to directly compensate for the environmental pollution caused by required travel. Follow us for updates and to learn more about this and other initiatives, and how you can contribute. 

In addition, this system will support Earth Charter in Costa Rica. The Earth Charter raises awareness, brings together thought leaders and educates on sustainability throughout the world.