Open Day Carbon6 2019


On behalf of World of Walas we would like to extend a warm invitation for you to come to Carbon6! On Sunday, Juli 23, we will be open to the public for a day of fun, family and shopping and entertainment.

The creative cluster of Carbon6, XCBS, will organize a beautiful arts- and crafts market, and Popschool Parkstad will show what the students have been working so hard on over the past period. Three live bands that have rehearsed in Carbon6 will perform during this day as well. Other enthusiastic participants for the open day are De Buurderij Heerlen, and the former miners and volunteers of the Dutch Mining Museum (Nederlands Mijnmuseum).

There will also be featured innovations. You can look at 3D printing or see how phobias can be treated with Virtual Reality. In addition, you can learn how bees live in the city and how the air of these bees helps in the treatment of health problems.

CarbonBlue will also be open for the day. This construction above the parking spaces has recently not only supplied solar energy, but also ensures filtered air throughout the day, captures rainwater, and cleans the air and water in the area. In addition, it is a good example of a responsible way in which timber construction takes place in Africa.

Come and visit us on Sunday, June 23, between 10:00 and 17:00! The address of our location is Kloosterweg 1 (for cyclists and pedestrians) and can be found by car along the CBS-road in Heerlen. Access and parking is free and delicious snacks and drinks are available at the Chopain coffee shop. On our Facebook page you can find more information too. We’d love to see you there!