Connecting the Mining Museum and Carbon6 in Heerlen

On Wednesday, November 22, the stairs opened to connect the Mining Museum to Carbon6. The Mining Museum is an important feature of the location that explores the history of mining in the region and includes the UNESCO status mining shaft. The stairs will soon form the shortest connection from the transit station to Carbon6, the Mining Museum and the new CBS building. This will open up new ways of connecting the communities and people who live, work and play here.

The opening attended by Barry Breaken (alderman of the municipality of Heerlen), Wiel Nix (director of the Mijnmuseum), Astrid Boeijen (CBS) and our own Dirk van der Ven. To celebrate, band Brass Mojo played while two forerunners wowed the crowd with new ways to use stairs.

Carbon6 is now home to the largest creative cluster in Holland, including the region’s largest pop music school and artists in painting, glassworks and digital media. The community has developed many successful initiatives, including the very popular Treats gifts, which helps community members expand their business through beautifully curated gift packages.

The Dutch National Mining Museum, also located at Carbon6, honours the proud history of the region. This museum is located in an 1897 mineshaft building, classified as one of UNESCO’s top-100 monuments.