Phoenix West – Dortmund tourist hotspot!

Tourism is growing at Phoenix West

Steel industry at Phoenix West

The Ruhr area of Germany has more than 3500 historical monuments. The area used to host one of the biggest steel industrial complexes in Europe home to magnificent steel mills and sprawling industrial sites. The old steel mills and the Schalthaus 101 are some of the inspiring landmarks in the Phoenix West area In 2017 alone.

The location

Phoenix West is a treasure in this area. Centrally located less than two kilometers from the stadium of the Borussia Dortmund football club in the center of Hörde district and a 10 minute bike ride from the new redevelopment around Phoenix lake, it neighbors the big landscape of the Westfalenpark, and the botanical gardens of Rombergpark. In 2017, the area attracted more than 7 million visitors to the area through cultural, recreational and sports facilities and events. An increasing number of tourists are drawn to the area, visiting on foot, with bikes, segways or on double-decks buses. Dortmund is one of the main destinations for these tourists, and the Phoenix West site stands proudly in the heart of it.

Tours inside and around Schalthaus

Walas is happy to support guided SkyWalk tours through the Phoenix West site. Walk the 26-meter-high steel footbridge that connects the main square of the Schalthaus 101 with the steel mill complex. Enjoy amazing views of the entire Phoenix West industrial heritage complex and the dramatic Dortmund skyline from the panoramic platform near the top of the 100-meters-high steel mills.

Experiencing culture

The area is also home to the Warsteiner Music Hall (previously the Phoenix Halle), a renowned concert location cofounded by a German hip-hop and rap group, Fantastische Vier, and the new Bergmann beer brewery, which refreshes the traditional beer culture of the city. A food truck in the backyard of the steel mills and a nice family bistro on the Hochofenstraße give a delicious flavor of local Dortmund cuisine.

Come see it!

If you are interested in visiting the Phoenix West area and discovering more about the industrial complex and the Walas redevelopment concept, please contact us at Guided tours are offered regularly to the public or can be arranged privately.