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Walas Phoenix West

WDR (Germany) News coverage of the World of Walas Phoenix West Project – October 2018

Phoenix West Press Release (EN) (PDF) August 24, 2018
Phoenix West Persbericht (NL) (PDF) August 24, 2018
Phoenix West Factsheet (NL) (PDF) August 24, 2018
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Image 2 (JPG)


CarbonBlue Solar Parkade Opens July 19, 2018 (NL) (PDF)
Image #1 (JPG)Image #2 (JPG)Image #3 (PNG)
CarbonBlue Facts (NL) (PDF)
CarbonBlue Opening Invitation (NL)

Dudoc Parkstad

Second Dudoc Opens in Parkstad Region July 2018 (ENGLISH) (PDF)
Dudoc Parkstad persbericht (PDF)

Recent Media Highlights

World of Walas Executive Bios and Photos

Gerben van Straaten

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Dirk van der Ven

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