What is CarbonGreen?

Designed to work on or off grid, CarbonGreen sustainably generates and regenerates, stores and distributes building heat using biomass technology. The pilot project was implemented at Carbon6 and now provides 50% of the base load energy with a very short Carbon Dioxide cycle and little waste. The few ashes that are produced through this system are re-purposed for an almost closed loop. Partnering with top innovator Döpik and Heizomat, the system saves 350,000 kg of Carbon Dioxide each year with reduced energy costs.

The system is simple to use, versatile and efficient. The result is massive improvements in environmental and economic building performance through supply and distribution of heat and cooling.

How does it work?

The round cyclone combustion chamber at the heart of the boiler guarantees an optimum transfer of heat to the boiler water. The counter rotation air supply ensures very good combustion of the fuel. High-temperature cast blocks add primary air to the combustion. Secondary air is brought into the process through the full fireclay lining of the combustion chamber for optimum heat yield. Chain catches slowly move everything which inertly turns to gas or burns towards the de-ash system and for optimal burn out. There is very little ash produced, and what is created can be reused as fertilizer for the Urban Farming projects and the gardens.