Dudoc Vancouver

A local hub for global innovations

Dudoc is an exciting Walas innovation centre based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  It is part of the World of Walas Access to Innovation platform. Walas Innovations is a critical part of our access to innovation and bridges our global stage, where we work on vision and policies for sustainable cities and the New Urban Agenda, and our practice in sustainable community development projects.

Launched in late 2014, Dudoc is the first of its kind to bridge the gap between expert European knowledge and savvy Canadian consumers. Developed in partnership with the Dutch consulate, Dudoc offers a platform for sustainable Dutch and European companies to introduce their environmental designs and products to the Canadian public. With multi-tiered support offerings, Dudoc can help European companies entering the North American market with a physical showroom space, promotional and sales support and more.

Rent the event space

The event space regularly draws hundreds of industry people in with ongoing events hosted by Walas, our partners and external parties. The central location and beautiful, functional space add to the appeal for creatives, innovators, experts and students. Workshops, panel discussions, network events and sessions over topics around urban design, environmental, social and financial sustainability and new ways forward.

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Lasting partnerships

Dudoc Vancouver works with Walas BlueWorxx. BlueWorxx is a global network of innovators and their offering within Walas Innovations. BlueWorxx focuses on building customer centric partnerships that promote mutual thriving and contribute to overall enhancements of sustainable development. It is a tangible group of European businesses and products that are market ready on their own and in combination with others. Some of these solutions are offered to other markets through projects, like Dudoc Vancouver.

If you are interested in becoming a partner at Dudoc, renting our event space, co-working with us or learning more, please visit our website or Vancouver location.