Concepts, Innovation Pavilion

For the first time in 2018, World of Walas has brought the European Innovation Pavilion to the Buildex Vancouver Conference. Being one of the biggest construction and building conferences and trade shows in North America, World of Walas was asked to bring together a group of sustainable and forward-looking European products and concepts. 

The European Innovations Pavilion is more than a place of exhibition; it is an active place of new business and new connections. It is where European partners come together under one umbrella of European innovations. We annually select 8-12 partners to be part of our group. By being part of a larger whole, we strengthen each others’ message, help each other on the trade show floor and garner greatest interest from attendees. We offer opportunities to make useful introductions by carefully connecting European businesses to our local network. 

As an innovations partner, World of Walas has been awarded a prime section on the tradeshow floor, total square footage of 1400 sq. ft (130 sq. m) to connect European knowledge and tools to local partners and local demand.