Light Industrial

World of Walas has been retained to help with the development of an existing historic building in the East Vancouver area. The task at hand has been to create a new and innovative industrial rental concept, while retaining the historic section of the building. Our goal has been to look at the social and economic challenges of the neighbourhood and to create a plan that would contribute positively to the diverse creative community. 

It is our vision to provide the ideal space for makers, creators and innovators for many decades to come. We want to contribute to a diverse and viable business and creative community with a high-performance building that reimagines what an industrial complex can be. 

We created a vision to build a high-performance building that reimagines what  the future of work can be. Our project is considered a success when it creates and supports hundreds of local jobs, startups and innovations, adds affordable options for entrepreneurs and artists, becomes a well-used amenity to our neighbourhood, and inspires future developments to build on our work.