Spinnerij Oosterveld

Spinnerij Oosterveld is a project powered by World of Walas. It is a hotspot for accelerators in the historical city of Enschede in The Netherlands. The industrial textile roots of Twente are still tangible in and around the characteristic 1911 building. Where people used to spin yarns in the mill, there is now a growing community of innovative and accomplished high tech entrepreneurs. Organizations focused on branding, marketing, ICT and other diverse supporting services also flourish. The building is considered a Living Lab for innovation and sustainability.

Walas began work in the Spinnerij Oosterveld in 2016. Initial efforts were to build comprehensive strategies, including Ecogrowth, for the community, physical environment and financial performance. The focus was to create space and community for promising entrepreneurs and appropriate, established businesses. Opportunities and concrete jobs for people with distance to the labour market were developed. Targets were set to improve the performance of the physical build environment while preserving its unique DNA and make the project financially sustainable.

A beautiful old room was reclaimed as an event space. Regular events hosted by and for community members help stimulate growth. Jobs have since been created by both tenants and the building. Physical improvement such as sustainable and emissions free paint improve the air quality and reduce the environmental footprint. ‘Spinnerij bees’ provide delicious honey to the community. 650 solar panels on the roof generate enough sustainable energy to provide the building with renewable energy and charge multiple electric cars.

The community is still growing, with more tenants and opportunities on the way. Plans for physical improvements include an additional 650 solar panels and a mobility program for car sharing, a Biomass installation will generate sustainable heat, phase changing and cradle-to-cradle materials for heat release. Visit the website or contact us to schedule a visit to learn more.

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spinnerij-oosterveld | 15-10-2018

World of Walas makes waves with Phoenix West

World of Walas made headlines across Europe in August when they announced the redevelopment of the historic Phoenix West project in Dortmund, Germany. Walas CEO and Founder, Gerben van Straaten, hosted German media at the Walas Spinnerij project in Enschede, Netherlands. Over 20 media attended to get a better understanding of the overall work and […]

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spinnerij-oosterveld | 25-01-2018

Improving soil structure and soil fertility through zero-tillage

The Dutch newspaper Nieuwe Oogst is a widely read newspaper for farmers and gardeners with stories about the agricultural sector. In the edition of January 13, an interview was published with our colleague from Walas, Zilal. She is working with Farm2Future on various systems, including zero-tillage. In the article they discuss conservative agriculture, zero-tillage and the workshops that Zilal gives about this.

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spinnerij-oosterveld | 21-01-2018

Athom goes to the Consumer Electronics Show

Athom, a member of our community at the Spinnerij Oosterveld, will showcase their newest version of Homey at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. Spinners Oosterveld is a proud member of the World of Walas. Based in Enschede, the Netherlands, it is a booming hub for innovators and creatives.

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