Walas Greenchoice Energy

Walas and Greenchoice have been partners since the first Walas project. Working together, they transitioned Carbon6 to ongoing use of 100% renewable energy and reduced the overall energy use. Innovative solutions using Cradle to Cradle standards have been implemented in Walas Urban Farming, LED lighting, climate and heating installations. We’re just warming up.

In 2018, a new urban solar park will be ready for Carbon6. This solar park will be the largest in Holland, producing about 1 mega watts of sustainable energy to provide for the Carbon6 community.

In Enschede, this wonderful partnership has been extended to the industrial heritage buildings of the Spinnerij Oosterveld project too. Here, Walas and Greenchoice have developed a comprehensive solution that uses the existing solar panels of the Spinnerij and other technologies  to provide enough green energy to meet the full energy needs of the Spinnerij community using only sustainable and renewable energy.

Green energy can be affordable when it’s part of a good solution, and Walas is pleased to offer solutions to tenants of Carbon6 and the Spinnerij and their families. The Spinnerij now offers 100% renewable energy at discounted rates to all tenants and their families. Find out more about how you can join as a Walas customer to meet your water and electrical energy needs through solar, wind, water and biomass sources.

The future is bright with opportunities. Soon, a biomass plant will generate renewable heat in Enschede and in Heerlen, with more projects and innovative solutions through international Walas partnerships. New energy and waste solutions from Germany and other international collaborations will be joining the expanded program of the Walas Ecoreactor. Look for us is 2018, when we’re expecting to show the first major results. This exciting project is driven by the Earth Charter Cities principles and the targets of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.