Spinnerij and Carbon6 teams visit Phoenix West

The Walas team were feeling the holiday spirit and used the winter holiday period to connect with each other. World of Walas brought all the teams together from our offices in the Netherlands and Germany for a tour of the new Phoenix West complex in the City of Dortmund. This was followed by a city visit as well as time spent at the busy Christmas markets nearby.

Building connections between Walas projects

Phoenix West is Walas’ newest development and will draw on similar features as our projects in Enschede, Spinnerij, and in Heerlen, Carbon6. Although the culture in each project strongly reflects the location it situates, there are many similarities in the methods we use to achieve its local success as part of a global vision for sustainable urban development.

Building relationships is one of the core elements of how we operate at Walas. Our teams are in close contact, so we can learn from each other’s challenges and use the knowledge and resources available to us collectively. For our current tenants at Spinnerij and Carbon6, Phoenix West also opens up opportunities for expansion in a safe and known environment.

World Innovation Centre

The new Phoenix West project will draw hundreds of local business in the area where once the hotspot for the old steel industry was. Knowing that this industry created much of the workforce of Dortmund at the time and still carries its history within the city, Walas works directly with the city of Dortmund, assesses what was important to keep economically and culturally and what is important to bring back environmentally sense to perfect plans for Phoenix West.

For the city of Dortmund, this new project will bring success in the long-term in all areas of sustainability and revitalize this significant urban quarter. For Walas, Phoenix West means more than a next project. We operate on three levels, one of which is access to innovations and is enabled through our global network of Walas Innovation Centres. This new phase and project will be the new location for our first World Innovation Centre and expand our network of innovators to help foster places where innovators and individuals can flourish.

For more information about Phoenix West, please visit walasphoenixwest.com.