Walas Concepts is a global group working within World of Walas to help create and conceptualize projects for sustainable urban development. First in on projects, the Concepts group researches and develops sustainable business models for both internal projects and outside clients, the Walas Way.

Our approach

We have a fundamentally different approach to traditional development. We believe cities start with people. With new ideas for old buildings and sound business practice, we create places where people want to live, work, produce and participate. Finding balance in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable is a unique challenge every time.

Our Expertise

Contact us to find out how we can help you with:

  • Land use planning and design
  • Landscape architecture
  • Socio-economic research and implementation
  • Community outreach and development
  • Urban planning and design
  • Architecture
  • Integrated innovations

“Communities are dynamic. If you go in to a certain place, you tend to try to read it, to judge it as it is in that moment. The city is not like that. The city came from a place, and it will go to a place. It came from a past and will go in to the future. It is more than the design.”

– Gerben van Straaten

Concept Project Highlights

Our Concepts team is First In, Last Out on projects. Partnering with our communities allows us to introduce gradual development and financing, and a host of other solutions that can’t be found in traditional developments. We work with communities to develop creative concepts that let people live and work in the community as it develops around them. We respect the DNA of the community and commit to developing communities that are financially, environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Contact us for a consultation

Our group works globally. We have locations in Germany, Canada, Italy and the Netherlands. We partner with other organizations and are growing.