Mallora Rayner

I was born and raised in beautiful rural Manitoba, with wide open skies, cold winters and warm hearts. In a small town surrounded by rivers, lakes and fields I was blessed to grow up with strong communities and natural beauty. Sparked by a curiosity about the rest of the world, cultures, contexts, and conflicts, I left and pursued degrees in Commerce and Art History. Later, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work and travel. I gained experience in change management, business development and corporate education for local, national and multi-national corporations. Everything changed for me when I had children. Looking for a balance between work and family and values, I eventually founded my own company, focused on communications, recruiting, business and operational development.

The work at Walas excites me. We work at the intersection of communities and cities, academia, business and innovation. We are always exploring better solutions to social, environmental, and financial challenges. We help build careers and dreams. We bring together and implement exciting technical innovations. We partner with amazing groups, and work with them to develop new ways of doing business. We believe there are solutions to the global challenges we face, and we are always looking for people who want to help solve them too. People and the ethics of the Earth Charter are at the heart of it all.