Peter Borkens

I am driven by a passion for people in cities. I want everyone to enjoy urban life, works and recreation. I want to achieve this by working on the city and urban community with clarity, creativity, vitality, resilience and sustainability. My aim is enduring and reliable relationships, and respect and cooperation with anyone who wants to co-evolve with us.

I was born in Enschede, in the central part of The Netherlands. From a young age, I had a strong interest in preserving nature and understanding mechanics and engineering. After finishing a technically oriented high school (tech Atheneum), I decided to study at the Saxion University in Enschede. In 1993 I graduated as a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in energy technology.

Throughout my career I have gained experience in various fields of work in medium and large companies. I’ve always focused on entrepreneurship and work from a socio-technical perspective. I’m passionate about working on (new) business models and bringing sustainable innovations to life. I also focus on green energy, creating sustainable ‘change maker’ projects, technical innovations in urban and rural environments, green IT, data centers and automated systems. My career began with technical management positions in national and international projects and major Dutch construction and IT companies. Since 2005 I have been an entrepreneur and owner of a company that specialized in IT platforms for mechanics, mechanical (construction) engineering and cloud computing.

Seven years ago, I was fortunate to meet the inspirational leader and Walas CEO, Gerben van Straaten. This meeting opened my eyes to the fact that I could actually help make the world a better place. Gerben has inspired me to create valuable and best practice projects for sustainable cities of the future. I feel very at home in this company, and I can use my passion for helping create communities that are environmentally, socially and financially successful. I have worked for Walas as a board member and COO for the last 5 years and am currently CCO and Vice CEO of our European branch.