Walas CIO creates video for the Earth Charter

The Earth Charter

The principles and values from the Earth Charter are what drives our work at World of Walas. The ethical framework forms the basis for building a sustainable, just and peaceful global society. Its sixteen principles are centered around respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice as well as democracy, nonviolence and peace.

The Earth Charter is a tool for our global society to turn conscience into action. The values and principles are inspiring and emphasize the shared responsibility we have towards our earth. The vision of the Earth Charter is one of hope. At World of Walas we put this vision into action throughout our work in sustainable urban development.

Walas CIO and the Earth Charter

In march 2020, following the foot steps of his Walas CEO, Dirk van der Ven, CIO at World of Walas, collaborated with the Earth Charter to record a video about how he puts the principles of the Earth Charter into practice. As Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer, the Earth Charter provides a useful tool for Dirk to measure how well cities are doing in regard to the principles of the Earth Charter.

The principles of the Earth Charter help the CIO of World of Walas in creating programs to improve cities. Dirk describes in the video how the Earth Charter helps him become more actionable in both his work and his private life. Our CIO is hopeful for the future, but emphasizes collaboration is absolutely necessary.

You can watch the video here and also watch Earth Charter videos of Walas’ CEO, Gerben van Straaten

About Earth Charter Cities

To put the principles of the Earth Charter into practice on an urban level, Gerben van Straaten, CEO at World of Walas, created the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto. Like the Earth Charter, the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto describes 16 principles, focusing on ethics, justice and sustainability. These principles are accessible and useful to all, from local communities to global changemakers, in order to guide them towards a new future. It is a call to action that brings together experts, organizations as well as frameworks from across the world.

Learn more about Earth Charter Cities: https://earthchartercities.org/ Learn more about the Earth Charter: https://earthcharter.org/