Walas in Toronto: Integrative Thinking in Sustainable Retrofit Development

On June 7th, 2018, Walas presented a sneak peak on the latest European retrofitting strategies. As part of our presentation at the Building Lasting Change conference in Toronto, World of Walas showed examples of best practices from around the world that excel in sustainability and building performance.

When retrofitting buildings, developers often experience limitations that are not present in new buildings and custom designs. There may be limited space, fragile structural integrity, difficulty with layouts and outdated heating/cooling systems. When planning for retrofits, finding smart combinations that utilize latent resources can help justify the upgrade, based on the increased ROI.

Upgrades to existing systems apply to both, buildings and cities. As more people migrate to cities, and cities become increasingly dense, there is a need to either upgrade infrastructure that has been embedded into the streets and foundations of buildings decades before that, or to reduce the demand for city infrastructure.

-Team Walas

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