Walas Presents at the Buildings Show, Toronto, Canada

On November 29th, Walas presented at the Buildings Show in Toronto, Canada. Walas received the opportunity to share stories about some of our partners who all exhibit a strong drive to provide solutions to be more sustainable. At the same time, we got to learn precisely what are some of those demand gaps that the building professionals here would like to fill with European products.

Renewable energy is a hot topic – especially when you can integrate it into well-known and necessary building components; An example is upgrading windows to be made entirely out of photovoltaic panels. With our buildings getting older and less efficient, retrofit products, like polyurethane roof coatings that add another 20 years of life to a roof are also in high demand. The crowd was excited about the changing models of business – now products are sold as a service. European models for renting elevator or lighting services for your building for 20-30 years allow to better risk management and decrease initial capital costs, a key concern for the construction phase of projects.

Overall, we see many synergies between the North American builders and manufacturers, and European innovators. Globalization opens doors to work together, share knowledge and to build better. Our goal as World of Walas is simple – to facilitate that discussion further.

World of Walas is often approached by North American builders, architects and developers with interest in European innovative approaches and products. Walas’ urban development work, long term business relationships and now our recently launched platform for innovation, BlueWorxx, has allowed us to cultivate an understanding and selection of sustainable, energy-efficient, and durable products and business models. The demand for these products and business models have been increasing over the years as businesses are striving to be sustainable to meet the needs of a climate change, consumer consciousness, regulations and high energy costs.