We’ve helped protect 100 hectares of Costa Rican rainforest!

We do our best to be mindful of the carbon footprint of air travel, but some of our business requires it. Our research showed that the most direct way to offset our carbon footprint is to protect our rainforests. The Work with Nature foundation, based in Costa Rica, does just that. 

Walas has committed to protecting 50m2 for each flight through the Work by Nature foundation. The reservation of Work with Nature foundation has reached 100 hectares of protected rainforest. Our goal is to help that grow to 800 hectares and beyond. We hope other businesses will join us to support this important work! 

Costa Rica is also home to the Earth Charter International Secretariat, and close to our hearts in many ways. Walas  continue to support the Earth Charter in Costa Rica financially for their education programs on sustainability, delivered on their beautiful campus at the UPeace and online around the globe.