World of Walas Celebrates Earth Charter Day 2019

Walas and Earth Charter Day

World of Walas will celebrate Earth Charter Day 2019 by holding special events at locations around the world to raise awareness around the Earth Charter and showcase innovations that can help attain its sustainable development goals.

The Earth Charter ( is a declaration of fundamental principles to build a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century. Important topics addressed are human dignity, respect, peace and democracy, ecological integrity, socio-economic equality and women’s rights. It is the fundamental ethical framework that drives World of Walas’s sustainable urban development activities.

Vancouver, Canada: Innovation Space at Canada Place

The Vancouver Walas Innovation Centre will be attending the 151st Canada Day celebrations on July 1. As part of the Innovation Zone inside the Vancouver Convention Centre East at Canada Place, the Walas Innovation Space will feature

This event is a chance for people of all ages to learn about urban innovations that enhance homes and to be inspired to collaborate and live in more sustainable ways. Attendees will get to design their personal Earth Charter “dream cup” and plant a seed to take home with them.

The celebrations will be held at Canada Place on July 1 from 11 AM – 6 PM. It will be a full day of family-friendly entertainment – including the Innovation Zone, live music displays, roaming performances, engaging displays, food vendors, picnic areas, and an evening fireworks spectacular – making for the largest Canada Day celebration outside the nation’s capital. Admission is free.

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Hamburg, Germany: Kulturwoche Rothenburgsort Event

The Hamburg Walas Innovation Centre will be joining the worldwide celebration of Earth Charter Day during Kulturwoche Rothenburgsort (Rothenburgsort Culture Week). This event is free and everyone is welcome.

On June 29th from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM in the Rothenburgsorter Marketplace, The Hamburg Walas Innovation Centre will hold an exhibition and small activities for all age groups offering the opportunity to get to know more about the Earth Charter manifesto and to experience how we can all act more ethically and implement more sustainable solutions.

The Rothenburgsort Culture Week runs from June 22 – 30 and includes a diverse array of events held in the Rotherburgsort district, such as concerts, exhibitions, guided tours, historical talks, art displays, culture discussions, and children’s programs.

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Enschede and Heerlen, Netherlands: Project Community Events

The Walas project developments in Enschede, Spinnerij Oosterveld, and in Heerlen, Carbon6, also plan to celebrate Earth Charter Day with their tenant communities.

Events include Earth Charter information displays and brochures at the reception areas, terrariums and other displays of sustainable innovations created by Walas and the community members, handing out of free fruit, and tree planting.