Innovations for sustainable cities

Innovations are the bridge between our global stage, where we work on vision and policies for sustainable cities and the New Urban Agenda, and our long term practices in sustainable community development projects. Through BlueWorxx and our Access to Innovation platform, World of Walas now works with hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs and universities, representing a large selection of innovative and technical solutions for the built environment. These designs are brought together in smart combinations to enhance the feasibility and overall impact in projects. In these combinations, the result is bigger, better and more inspirational than the sum of its parts, giving us market ready concepts.

We bring these innovative combinations to our own projects too. For example, our CarbonBlue project brings together partners for a multi-faceted sustainable project based in green energy, bio-materials, smart water use, social programs and financial innovations. The results are exponential, creating jobs, cleaning the surrounding air and water, and helping move the buildings to active energy production.

Innovation Projects

“Sustainable innovations should be easily accessible and, when brought together in the right combinations, can create the exponential improvements we need for sustainable cities.”

-Gerben van Straaten

Urban Innovation Centres

Local hubs for sustainability

Our Innovation Centres are local hubs for sustainability. Here, we exchange ideas to create a new version of vitality for cities of North America and showcase innovations that help us get there.

Business opportunities

Our business and industrial showrooms offer international innovators a ‘home away from home’ with exhibition space and a service package. They are designed to help sustainable innovations go to new markets. Along with base offerings, service packages for the Innovation Centres can be tailored to include promotion, business development, support, research, consulting and more. We are also pleased to share information on relevant government programs and opportunities.

We encourage dialogue to help reduce the environmental impact of urban and rural communities and to create communities that are more socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

Proud member of Walas

Walas Innovation Centres are proud members of World of Walas, and part of our Access to Innovations platform. Walas specializes in revitalizing neighbourhoods and is known for fostering the creative class and growing the local economy by encouraging micro-businesses, respecting the existing DNA of the community, enhancing the creative core and listening to the community. Join our thriving community and be the change. Find out more at or visit one of our showrooms.

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We sponsor and promote temporary exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and trade missions to create opportunities to grow smart business. This includes stage presence and publicity, new markets, exposure through in-person, online and print initiatives, local and international networking opportunities, and exclusive events.

Join a World of Walas opportunity to network, explore and even showcase your innovations in new markets.  Participate in networking opportunities through speaking engagements, exhibitions and events. Engage with local companies and organizations to share market knowledge, exchange ideas about local opportunities and to share experience doing business in the region. Contact us to be part of it.

Buildex 2019

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Carbon6 Grand Opening

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BlueWorxx network

BlueWorxx builds partnerships that are customer centric, promote mutual thriving and contribute to net impact on sustainable urban development. We offer a tangible group of businesses and products that are market ready. These innovations can also be brought together in smart combinations to enhance project performance. In these combinations, the result is bigger, better and more than the sum of their parts. This can bring exponential improvements to the financial, economical, environmental and social sustainability performance of developments. Find out more about our BlueWorxx partners, events and opportunities on the BlueWorxx website.

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