Innovations are the bridge between our global stage, where we work on vision and policies for sustainable cities and the New Urban Agenda, and our long term practices in sustainable community development projects. Through BlueWorxx and our Access to Innovation platform, World of Walas now works with hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs and universities, representing a large selection of innovative and technical solutions for the built environment. These designs are brought together in smart combinations to enhance the feasibility and overall impact in projects. In these combinations, the result is bigger, better and more inspirational than the sum of its parts, giving us market ready concepts.

We bring these innovative combinations to our own projects too. For example, our CarbonBlue project brings together partners for a multi-faceted sustainable project based in green energy, bio-materials, smart water use, social programs and financial innovations. The results are exponential, creating jobs, cleaning the surrounding air and water, and helping move the buildings to active energy production.