Policy making and partnerships

We share our vision in making urban development socially, financially and environmentally sustainable. The world stage gives us an opportunity to share our experience through keynote speaking and participation in the Earth Charter, the SDG development, the New Urban Agenda and other UN movements, as well as working for governments on national, city and local policy development.

Gerben van Straaten, CEO and founder of Walas, is personally committed to helping accelerate the process of sustainable development. We continue to work at national, city and local levels on policy development and regularly participate in high level conferences such as Habitat III, trade missions and shows. We also directly engage with governments on policies and solutions for the future of cities, and partner with developers and other organizations.

“Creating a better world requires vision, leadership and determination. It also requires collaboration, partnerships and working together. We need an entire army of companies and communities to work together to build a better world. Now.

We lead. We envision.
We also embrace the benefits of working with one another.”

– Gerben van Straaten, founder and CEO of World of Walas –


World of Walas is driven by values and principles of the Earth CharterGerben van Straaten has been a friend and supporter since its launch in 2000. He is author of the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto, which was drafted with key stakeholders over a 2 year process to provide a tool to implement the Earth Charter in cities. Walas supports initiatives for the Earth Charter including Earth Charter Cities, Earth Charter Friends Canada, keynote speaking and events. These initiatives are brought in to our companies, with Walas team members actively involved too.