Cities start with people

New ideas for sustainable urban development

We believe that the battle for a sustainable future will be won or lost in our cities.
We know that solving our world’s biggest challenges is possible and affordable, if and when we work together.
We strive for people to have more ownership of their communities, with better access to capital and governance.
We are convinced that cities have the capability of solving even our biggest problems.
We know that cities will provide something for everybody, only because and only when they are created by everybody.
We are committed to the values and principles defined in the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto.
We follow the Tinbergen Rule, which teaches that every policy needs a tool.
We continue to develop tools for sustainable cities and communities.
We tirelessly design, create, change, develop, disrupt and deploy ways to win the battle for a sustainable future.
We have radical hope. We think you should too.
Welcome to the World of Walas.

– Gerben van Straaten, CEO –

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